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Al Ain City tours offers an exquisite visit to some splendid locations in Al Ain City. Al Ain City has lush green surrounding sand is also known as the ‘Oasis’ or ‘The Garden City’. Geographically, Al Ain is situated about 140 kilometers from the city of Dubai. It has rich vegetation all around and from ancient times has been a stopping place for caravans travelling through the land.  Al Ain is located at the foot of the mountains and is home to a wide variety of fauna and flora.

Funtour’s Al Ain City Tours offers an amazing opportunity to explore the very best of ‘The Garden City’. This tour will take you to the Oasis of Burami, which has been an attraction since ancient times and is one of the seven Oases in the UAE. The beautiful palm trees are the perfect backdrop to relaxation. Al Ain City Tours also includes visits to the archeological sites at the hill, where you can explore the history of the area. The historical importance of the region, with some sites dated at more than 5000 years old, makes this a truly fascinating place to visit.

Al Ain City tours also takes you to the Hilli Fun City Amusement Park.  This is a place for action and fun, with various exciting rides, scenic picnic spots, beautiful gardens and fun mini trains that you can ride on to get a unique view of the splendid landscapes. This is a perfect holiday destination to enjoy with your family and friends. Another attraction on the tour is the Al Ain Zoo, which hosts a wide variety of animal species, some of which are at the verge of extinction, including the miniature penguins and the Arabian Oryx.  A major point of interest on the Al Ain City Tours is a drive up to Jebel Hafeet, which is the highest mountain peak of the UAE . The drive to the peak is absolutely thrilling, with hairpin bends and majestic views of the landscape. You will also get to visit the Ain Al Fayda resorts where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Al Ain City Tours is an absolutely amazing way to enjoy this exotic location and to get some real thrills and excitement from your holiday. You will be stunned by the natural beauty and feel soothed by the delightful fauna and flora which surround the region.  The Al Ain City Tours is an experience you should definitely not miss!


Al Ain Museum
Al Ain Zoo
Camel Market
Green Mubazzarah
Jebel Hafeet
8:00pm pm to 8:30pm
Within Dubai and sharjah Only

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