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Our Dolphin Show Dubai Tour is a fantastic show that offers amazing entertainment for our visitors. This show is very distinct among the other entertainment options in the area, as the performers are not humans—they’re dolphins! The dolphins are highly trained to perform a variety of awesome tricks that will take your breath away. The Dolphin Show Dubai Tour is world famous and tourists from across the globe love to visit the Dolphinarium especially to see this great show.

Funtours gives you the opportunity to enjoy the amazing Dolphin Show Dubai Tour at the Dolphinarium. In 45 minutes of entertainment, you will be in awe of the feats performed by these beautiful creatures. The show includes both bottlenose dolphins and fur seals. Watch as they dance, sing, paint and jump and be stunned by the precision with which these marine artists carry out their stunts. The show is full of fun and will keep every spectator engaged and entertained.

The Dolphin Show Dubai Tour is regarded as a great option for complete family entertainment and is popular not only amongst tourists but also among local residents. Children love all aspects of this fun day out, including the mascot show, a puppet show and a juggling show, all of which are provided at the Dolphinarium.

The Dolphin Show Dubai Tour is great value for money and takes place in a venue, the Dolphinarium, which offer many cafe choices for your refreshment. This one of a kind Dolphin Show Dubai Tour is an interactive way to get closer to nature and learn about this delightful species that we are doing our best to keep safe from extinction.


45 minutes-1 hour Dolphin and Seal Show
11am & 6pm (Mondays-Thursdays)
11am, 3pm & 6pm (Fridays & Saturdays)
Within Dubai and sharjah Only

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