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One of the many attractions of Dubai is its climate. In midsummer, at the height of the day, you will probably just want to sit in the shade with a cold drink. At other times it is certainly possible to see the City on foot and well worth the effort with an experienced guide from Funtours.

This historical and cultural walking tour of Dubai includes the amazing wind towers (the earliest form of air conditioning), old souks and markets, an abra ride (water taxi), an Arabic Calligraphy demonstration and much more.

You will go to the oldest part of Dubai and, in a series of the winding avenues, visit the beautiful wind towers and art galleries in Bastakiya. You will then continue on to Dubai’s museum, famous for its replica walking street that will give you an insight into the sights, sounds and smells of old Dubai. There is a rich history in the region that goes back well before anyone had plans for a 21st Century City.

You will walk through the bustling market streets with their lovely fabrics blowing in the breeze and numerous souvenir shops. From there you will take the Abra (water taxi) across the Creek to the Spice Market where you can buy a huge range of spices at great prices. It is then off to the Gold Souk where occasionally you can see gold bars being taken down the street on wooden hand carts.

Crossing back over the Creek, your next port of call is the Heritage Village, with its variety of Museums. You can see demonstrations of the ancient art of Arabic Calligraphy, the Horse and the Camel museums among others. This tour is quite long but leisurely and well worth the effort to get a true appreciation of what Dubai is about, past and present.

Historical and cultural walking tour Dubai Itinerary

Al Bastakiya dubai
Al Fahidi fort
Spice market
Gold Souq
Heritage Village
3:00pm pm to 3:30pm
Within Dubai and sharjah Only

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