Ferrari World Adventure

Ferrari World Tour Abu Dhabi is a one of a kind theme park with lots of features that contribute to making it a popular attraction for visitors to Abu Dhabi.  Visiting the park is an amazing experience that will remain unforgettable forever!

Highlights of the Ferrari World Adventure:

Fiorano GT Challenge
Enjoy the GT coasters and challenge your friends to a race with Ferrari F430 spiders.   Experience the thrills of the parallel tracks on the GT racecourses, based on the real ones. Enjoy hairpin turns and high speed driving like you’ve never experienced before!

Formula Rossa
Formula Rossa is the world’s fastest roller coaster and is inspired by the world famous racetracks of the world. Experience the thrill of entering the F1 cockpit and accelerate up to 240km/h and experience the excitement as you rush 52 minutes into sky in less than 5 seconds as you reach across the finish line flying through the chicanes.

Scuderia Challenge
Get the real race experience with the racing simulators and feel like you are a professional racer. You will have the opportunity to race on solo and group Ferraris on the virtual Marina circuit. Scuderia Challenge offers a realistic race experience that goes far beyond an arcade game.

 G Force:
Hold your breath as you’re launched 62 meters high into the sky and look around in awe as you get an eagle eye view from the highest point on YAS island.

V 12 – Enter the Engine:
Get the chance to have a look inside the 12 cylinder Ferrari 599 engine and feel its tremendous power. Explore all aspects of this power engine- an educational and eye-opening experience!

Other fun activities at Ferrari World Adventure include Bell ‘Italia, Cinema Maranello,  Galleria Ferrari, Junior Training Camp, Speed of Magic, Fast Lane and many more.

Enjoy the fun, thrills and excitement of the world’s only Ferrari theme park and have an the unforgettable experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Ferrari World Adventure Tour is enjoyed by people of all age groups and is one of the best tourist spots in UAE.


Itinerary of Ferrari World Adventure with Funtours:

  1. Pick-up time:

    Timings may vary

  2. Pick-up point:

    Make own way to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi / Transfers can be arranged at extra cost

  3. Details of Trip:
    • • Formulla Rossa
    • • G-Force
    • • Speed of Magic
    • • Viaggio in Italia
    • • Driving with the Champion
    • • V12
    • • Made in Maranello
    • • Fiorano GT Challenge
    • • The Racing Legends
    • • Scuderia Challenge
    • • Junior GT
    • • Junior GP
    • • Bell ‘ Italia
    • • Cinema Maranello
    • • Galleria Ferrari
    • • Junior Training Camp
    • • Paddock
    • • Fast Lane

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