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Hatta Mountains Safari Tour

The Hatta Mountains Safari Tour is one of the most amazing trips that you can take part in while traveling in the U.A.E. The Hatta Hill area has the tallest mountains in the UAE, known as the Jebel Hafeet Hills. The areas rugged tracks and vibrant plant life have led to it being regarded as the best hiking location.

Funtours provides you with an amazing opportunity to discover the spectacular valleys and imposing mountains with this fascinating Hatta Mountains Safari Tour trip. The trip includes a visit to Hatta town, a cultural hub that portrays the way of life of the Bedouin group and gives insight into historical Arabic life. The town has a wealth of social culture as well as some classic ancient monuments, which include stunning artwork from ancient times. After your trip to the Hatta Village, you will be taken hiking in the Hatta mountain area. The winding routes of the Wadis (dry stream bed) and imposing views of the Hajjar Hills provide a picturesque backdrop to this thrilling hike.

As you hike from the foot of the Hatta mountains along the Wadi, you will see the Hatta Pool, where you can rest or go diving. This is a relaxing stopover along this exciting climb.  After an exhaustive but rewarding trek, you will be provided with a delightful lunch at the Hatta Fort.  This elegant setting is the perfect place to regain your energy and talk about all the amazing sights you saw in the mountains. 

On the way back to Dubai we will stop in at a traditional market where you will get to see various local handmade items including rugs and ceramics.  The Hatta Mountains Safari Tour is definitely one of the best tours we have on offer and it a highly recommended that you consider it when planning a visit to the region.

Hatta Mountains Safari Tour Itinerary

Hajjar Mountains
Hatta Heritage Village
Hatta Wadis
3:00pm pm to 3:30pm
Within Dubai and sharjah Only

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