Morning desert safari 

The red sand desert of Ahbab is considered to be the place best for adventurous activities like Dune Bashing and Sand Boarding over the soft sand and dunes, offering a thrilling experience for tourists.

Funtours presents an amazing Morning desert safari in the Ahbab desert and is the most exciting and thrilling tour available. People who have limited time but would like to see the desert and participate in wonderful activities, choose this tour as it meets all of their needs.

The Morning desert safari includes fun activities such as camel riding, sand boarding, dune bashing and much more.  Camels have a special place in the culture of Arabian people, so a camel ride is an essential part of any desert tour, and the Morning desert safari does not disappoint.  You will get to visit a camel farm, ride a camel and learn all about the different species of camel in Arabia.

The Morning  Safari Dubai also offers you the chance to go Sand Boarding (also known as Sand Surfing). This is a sport board similar to snowboarding which takes place on sand dunes instead of snowy slopes. It involves sliding across, or down, a sand dune, standing with both feet strapped on a board. More experienced sand boarders can use the board without strapping their feet in.  Another adventurous element of this tour are our quad bikes. These large-wheeled ATVs are used to drive in the high sand dunes over the desert of Arabia, which is a thrilling and exciting experience for the visitors. Quad Biking is a risky activity, so you need to be a bike riding expert before taking part.  Your safety is very important to us.
The morning Safari is suited to those who like to get a early start to their day and enjoy an early morning visit to the Arabian Desert. The Morning Safari Dubai is an amazing experience full of fun activities and excellent desert experiences.


Itinerary of Morning Safari with Funtours:

  1. Pick-up time:


  2. Pick-up point:

    Within Dubai and Sharjah only

  3. Details of Trip:

    20 minute Dune Bashing
    Camel Ride
    Sand Boarding

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