Sharjah & Ajman Tours

Blue Souk in Sharjah Ajman
Sharjah is the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates and many interesting artifacts and monuments are situated there. The Funtours Sharjah city tour offers visitors a sightseeing trip around the city and lots of entertaining activities. This tour is a great way to make your time in Sharjah one to remember.

Blue Souk
People from all around the world visit Blue Souk to go shopping for all types of products and services. It is well known for its traditional gold trading and offers a range of unique jewellery.

Other Attraction of Sharjah Ajman

King Faisal Mosque
Visit the largest mosque in Sharjah.  This architectural marvel was a precious gift that the government of Saudi Arab gave to its people.

Sharjah Cultural Square
Visit the Sharjah Cultural Square which is considered among the most impressive sights in the UAE.  Stand in awe as you take in the rich Islamic architecture that surrounds this square.

Al Majaz Waterfront
This is a famous tourist spot where visitors can take part in lots of entertaining leisure activities,  enjoy the specialties of Sharjah restaurants and cafes, and view the breathtaking sight of the Sharjah Fountain.

Al Qasba
The Qanat Al Qasab is an exciting leisure destination for all visitors to Sharjah.  The Eye of the Emirates is considered to be its most remarkable feature . With a height of 60 meters and 42 fully air-conditioned gondlas, this attraction gives you amazing panoramic views of Sharjah and Dubai.

Funtours offers you an amazing tour that lets you explore the Blue Souk, the traditional markets and the ancient architectures of Sharjah city.  Sharjah city is the heart of Arabic culture and has many fascinating art galleries restaurants, cafés, museums and hotels, and is host to a range of heritage and cultural events. This tour gives visitors sufficient time to enjoy all the experiences available.  This is a full one-day tour that gives your the opportunity to enjoy the breath-taking views of Sharjah City.


Itinerary of Sharjah & Ajman Tours with Funtours:

  1. Pick-up time:


  2. Pick-up point:

    Within Dubai and Sharjah only

  3. Details of Trip:

    King Faisal Mosque
    Sharjah Cultural Square
    Blue Souk
    Ajman Museum
    Qanat Al Qasba
    The Eye of the Emirates

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