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Wild Wadi Adventure tour Dubai is situated in Jumeirah city near Burj Al Arab and is among the top attractions in Dubai. This water park is a great place to spend a relaxing time with your family and friends, full of fun and entertainment.  The Water Park is situated near the Jumeirah Beach Hotel where you can stay and enjoy the special delicacies that they are known for.

Funtours offers you a lot of options to enjoy your time at the Wild Wadi Adventure tour Dubai. The park has an awesome wave pool, along with water slides and an artificial surfing machine. There are various shops near park where you can get a snack, purchase gifts and souvenirs of Jumeirah.

Our amazing water slide is an absolute classic ride that you can enjoy in a single-seated position or a double-seated position.  Other breathtaking rides include Rushing Rapids, Tumble Falls, the Thunder Rapids, Tunnel of Doom and Falcon Fury. If you are with your family then you can choose to enjoy a family ride together. Breaker Bay is the biggest wave pool of the Middle East and they key attraction at the Wild Wadi Water Park. In the wave pool you can swim in crossing and parallel waves up to 5 feet in height, which will splash all around you in several shapes and formations. Also experience the adrenalin-pumping free fall at the famous Jumeirah Sceirah.

Wild Wadi Adventure tour Dubai offers a lot of fun and entertainment for visitors.  The various rides and fun activities are full of thrills and excitement. Wild Wadi Adventure tour Dubai is one of the most recommended places for tourists to visit.  Come and have an amazing time at this spectacular venue!

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It is 12 acres of pure fun with 23 adrenaline pumping rides that leave you gasping for more. For one adrenalin rush after one another, try the 80km/h downhill hurtle on the 33m high Jumeirah Sceirah, the 1.5 high waves at Breakwaters Bay, the 170m white knuckle ride at Rush down Ravine or any of the 14 awesome interconnected rides.

3:00pm pm to 3:30pm
Within Dubai and sharjah Only

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