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Yas island tour Abu Dhabi

Yas island tour Abu Dhabi is an exquisite place to enjoy the very best water-based adventures and rides. It is the largest water park in Abu Dhabi and is spread over 15 hectares. The water park hosts more than 45 exciting rides, slides and other entertaining and fun-filled activities. Among all the exciting rides, there are four exclusive rides that are not available at any other water park in the whole world!

Funtours offers you the opportunity to visit the exclusive Yas water world Abu Dhabi Park and explore all the fun of this exciting place. The water park not only provides entertaining activities but is also a centre for the cultural elements of the local Emirates. It is a perfect holiday destination for tourists as well local residents looking for a fun day out. Yas island tour Abu Dhabi offers rides for all age groups and therefore is a place that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Yas waterworld Abu Dhabi tour also offers some majestic views that you can photograph and take with you as great memories of your holiday. The water park attracts visitors across the globe and is highly rated for its customer satisfaction and quality services. The experience at Yas island tour Abu Dhabi is action-packed and will leave you feeling exhilarated.

Yas island tour Abu Dhabi is a must-see destination when you travel to Abu Dhabi. The Water World not only contains awesome rides, but the structure itself is an architectural marvel. Yas island tour Abu Dhabi is very popular as it provides great relief from the hot weather of the UAE.  So take a break from the heat and join us at Yas island tour Abu Dhabi.

Yas island tour Abu Dhabi Itinerary

Adrenaline rush
1. Rush Rider
2. Bubble's Barrel
3. Dawwama
4. Liwa Loop
5. Hamlool's Humps
6. Jebel Drop
Exciting adventure
1. Amwaj
2. Falcon's Falaj
3. Yadi Yas
4. Sebag
5. Serpent Spin
6. Slither Alley
7. Slither Surprise
8. Snake's Tail
9. Bandit Bomber
10. Cannon Point
Moving and grooving
1. Water Wars
2. Al Raha River (Lazy River)
3. Jabha Zone
4. Sand Viper Strike
5. Sidewinder
6. Marah Fortress
Young fun
1. Yehal
2. Tot's Playground
Timings may vary
Within Dubai and sharjah Only

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Please check our Yas Island Abu Dhabi Tour reviews. Tripadvisor Best Yas Island Abu Dhabi Tour customer reviews winner for the year 2012 to 2014.

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